Become a NECA Associate Member

The Northern New Jersey Chapter’s Associate Membership Program provides participating industry partners access to Chapter Members while leveraging their knowledge and resources to help the Member contractors expand their operations, become more efficient and enhance their bottom lines. The success of this program is contingent upon the participation of the finest vendors from across all of the disciplines and services allied with the electrical construction and V-D-V industries.

The program brings together leaders from across the electrical construction industry and allied sectors that provide vital support to construction users and contractors to enhance the value our Chapter provides to its Members. Participation in the Associate Membership Program includes the following features:

• A reduction of cost for participation in or sponsorship of Chapter events (i.e.- golf outings, certain Chapter Dinners, trade shows, continuing education events and seminars, etc.)
• The ability to participate on the Steering Committee for the Electrical Contractors Academy of New Jersey (on a rotated basis).
• Listing on the chapter website with a link to your corporate web page.
• Listing in the Chapter Membership Directory.
• Meetings as a group to consider the evolution of the program and to enable it to avail itself of greater opportunities to deliver benefits both to Chapter Members and to our participating industry partners.

All of us at NECA look forward to working with you in the future!

Application for Associate Membership